So You Were Told You Have Infertility...

Now What?

Have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, secondary infertility, PCOS or endometriosis? Your doctor may have sent you home telling you to come back after you've lost some weight or maybe you've been told that you have a genetic uniqueness that impacts conception....what to do?

There's good news!


These imbalances can be attenuated through the right set of dietary, lifestyle, botanical, and supplemental support.





Correct the Root Cause of Infertility by Addressing :


- Menstrual Cycle Health

- Hormone Breakdown & Metabolism 

- Nutrient Sufficiency or Insufficiency

- Gastrointestinal Health & Nutrient Absorption 

- Dietary Sources of Inflammation

- Autoimmune Phenomena 

- Genetic Uniqueness 

- Body Composition & Metabolic Health

- Toxic Environmental Exposures

- Lifestyle Factors

- Mind-Body-Spirit Wellbeing








Root Vitality Fertility Programs are Right for You  IF:


You want personalized support and a

customized wellness plan designed just for you


You are wanting to approach your

fertility 'au naturale' 




You are wanting to optimize the chances of

successful medical interventions


You're ready to use diet, lifestyle, herbs and supplements 

to help restore balance in your body 




Identify and Address the Root Cause of Your Hormonal Imbalance So You Can Start the Family of Your Dreams

Meet one on one with Megan and receive a comprehensive approach in uncovering and addressing the physiologic barriers to your conception and healthy pregnancy. Initial consultations are offered at 90 minutes and follow up consults for 30-60 minutes.

Couple Holding Hands


It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right.

You AND your partner will work together to raise your child so you AND your partner can work together in the effort to conceive the child you're waiting for. As a team, work with Megan side by side and develop a plan together to optimize fertility naturally - as a unit.


This package includes: 

 - Two initial 90-minute 1:1 visits 

- Two 60-minute 1:1  follow-ups

*offered at a discounted rate with a payment plan option.


Each partner is encouraged to attend the other's initial appointment to create a cohesive understanding and support system for one another through this journey.

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The Complete Mind-Body Fertility Program

Collaborating with the up and coming women's health company Living Lela, Megan co-facilitates this comprehensive online program for fertility, presenting hours of orginal content to help you realize your dreams of growing your family naturally, starting now.​

There really are changes you can make today to take control of your fertility journey and feel more empowered. With this program, you gain access to combined expertise in yoga and yoga therapy, psychology, mind-body medicine, neuroscience, and the ancient life-science of Ayurveda—all in one place.

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