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I am not sure how to express how incredible Megan is but I will try. She is very compassionate, extremely intuitive, an amazing listener, and just all around brilliant! Her understanding of nutrition and health are vast, and she has been an incredible gift to me on my healing journey! I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Paula Fleishman, OR

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"Before I had my first consultation with Megan I had no idea the powerful impact Ayurveda medicine would have on my overall health. I was dealing with a few things but severe hypertension was the biggest problem. Megan was understanding and very insightful as well as a great listener. She took a lot of time with me and I felt relaxed and comfortable with her. I started taking some Ayurveda herbs for blood pressure along with the pharmaceutical medicine my medical doctor had prescribed me. Within a few weeks I was able to stop taking the pharmaceutical medicine and simply be on supplements and herbs and to this day I have perfectly normal blood pressure readings all the time. I am overjoyed that I can take something safe that has no negative side effects. I truly believe in the healing power of the plant world now and in the amazing ancient practice of Ayurveda thanks to Megan."

- S.L. , OR

"I first came to Megan with endometriosis and she helped me discover I had thyroid antibodies that were impeding fertility as well. After 1 year and 3 months of acupuncture each week combined with the supplement and dietary recommendations Megan gave me, my AMH moved to .66 from 1.2! That's something western medicine didn't believe in! All I know is that I'm on the right track. With Megan’s personality and attitude, she is already changing the world and I am proof. She is a wonderful practitioner. I am so grateful for all her help, knowledge and hard work."

H.P., Sacramento, CA

"Before I started my practice with Megan, I suffered from crippling depression and anxiety with no energy reserves to help myself get better. Now, with Megan's help, I've been able to get on my feet and have solutions that continue to make my life easier. She's guided me through this new world of Ayurveda and continues to teach me one of the hardest lessons I've encountered: I deserve a better life and I can have tools to help me achieve it."

​​R.K, Los Angeles, CA

"When my husband and I decided to have a baby, Megan was our biggest ally.  When we were trying without success to get pregnant, it started to create stress but then Megan gave me the support I needed and easy to follow advice.  I'm sure that without her to calm me down and guide me towards the right diet, lifestyle and supplements, we would have had a much harder time conceiving.   I'm now in my final days of the pregnancy, and she has helped me through that as well, with strength and ease.  I'm so grateful to have had her insight, and I know with her help my postpartum will go smoothly as well. "

B.C., Apple Valley, CA

"Megan Murphy-Rouse is an insightful Ayurvedic practitioner and counselor. She is a teacher; kind, well-informed and she is caring; nurse and doctor in one. She has compassionate discernment and provides answers to help one discover the healing properties of the body through conscious choices - knowledge of what the body needs, how the body functions, and how we can make small changes daily to be in concert with these needs.  She is personable and it's a joy to work with her toward these goals for health and happiness."

M.C., Altadena, CA

"Megan Murphy-Rouse is a god-send. I had never experienced Ayurveda before meeting her and now I have had the gift of her expertise for the past year. She guided me through some very hard and painful changes in my life & body; suffering a miscarriage at 3 months. The healing and balance that needed to occur thereafter would have been a challenge to attain without the specific practices of Ayurveda coupled with the attention and sage advice of Megan. I have learned so much from her -- and all simple things I can easily apply to my daily regiment that make such a huge difference in how I feel. The more I learn about Ayurveda the more I realize that there's a really good reason why it's been around for thousands of years! I am so grateful for this comprehensive ancient practice to access in our modern day world, with such a guide as Megan."

W.C., Los Angeles, CA

"My amazing Ayurvedic practitioner, Megan Murphy-Rouse rocks! Meg is my cheerleader, and coach all wrapped up in one inspiring woman who helps me stay on track to better living!"

K.B., San Jose, CA

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