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Herbs and Minerals

Megan has a privately curated online dispensary called "FullScript." This is where you can securely purchase professional-grade supplements that Megan recommends for you. To enter, you'll need to create a username and password.


IMPORTANT: Not all supplements are created equally! Each supplement company used by Megan has been thoroughly vetted. Megan's dispensary has products stocked directly from the companies who make them so you can be assured they are not counterfeit, out of date, or improperly stored. And most importantly - because she only uses the highest quality supplements, you can be sure that what your supplement bottle says it has in it, actually does! 


You will also get free shipping on supplement orders that are over $50 with orders from FullScript. (Other neutraceutical companies not covered by FullScript do sometimes have an additional shipping fee.) Any time you need to refill an order, simply come here and click below to be directed to Megan's online dispensary. You will need to create an account with FullScript to place your order.

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Megan's online virtual visit center or client portal is a 100% HIPPA compliant (totally private, confidential and secure) video conferencing and records platform called "Practice Better." You will need to set up an account with a username and password with Practice Better when you book your first appointment with Megan. Once inside Practice Better, you will be able to virtually meet with Megan at your scheduled appointment time as well as access your wellness plan, contact Megan in between visits, view your appointments etc.

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